Yingkou zhuoli'an International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Dashiqiao City, Yingkou, the capital of magnesium in China. The company is mainly engaged in the sales of refractory materials, graphite and carbon products, new metal functional materials and technology export, metal products and non-metallic minerals, and chemical products. Relying on geographical advantages, mature supply chain advantages, advantageous products and services, a large number of mature customers. The company's products mainly serve large-scale steel, chemical, cement, building materials, glass and non-ferrous smelting industries at home and abroad. The products are mainly exported, exported to Germany, Japan, South Korea, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions, and sold to key iron and steel enterprises in China, enjoying high international popularity in this region...

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        It is a large magnesium refractory production base in the world and a comprehensive enterprise integrating sales and service. Diversified, multi machine and global production and sales operations add another brilliance to China's refractory industry

        Extensive International Cooperation

        A large number of products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, Thailand, Australia and other countries and regions

        State-of-the-art Production Equipment

        More than 80 imported and domestic brick presses and corresponding supporting facilities

        Strict Quality Control Proces

        Strengthen the research and development of refractory use technology, new product research and development and industry key technology research

        Friendly Production Environment

        More than 10 strategic cooperative enterprises with strong product and technical support have been approved as excellent municipal sales and service enterprises.